1. jackmolyneux:

    YCN Professional Awards Deadline D



  2. edjbrown:

    CHARACTERS IN FOOTBALL #1: By someone who doesnt actually like football


  3. onedrawaday:

    One draw a day
    #koa #koadzn #ink #paper #briko #brikotattoo #flashset #flashtattoo #tattoo #tatouage #mmxiii #onedrawaday

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  4. jeexall:

    I decided to do a step by step of how I make my puppets. It would be good for me if i can document the process so if i decided to make a copy of one character, it’d be easier to remember. 


  5. discoveredcrap:

    Disney Vault did a short article about my Pixar work

    Article here


  6. industryprintshop:

    Limited edition of 95 prints, commissioned for “Monstrous,” March 2013. 

    18” x 24” screen printed poster on 100# poster stock, ships bagged and rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube. Printed by Industry Print Shop in Austin, TX. Print does not come with a frame. 

    Dustin Harbin is a cartoonist and illustrator and North Carolinian and has to turn the channel at the part where theantelope gets eaten.



  7. edjbrown:

    Hello! - Self promotion and typography by me


  8. kingslandprinting:

    More Black Marble tees!! #kingslandprinting #screenprinting #blackmarble (at Kingsland Printing)



  10. jackmolyneux:

    Say Hello

    A poster i made for YCN’s ‘Say Hello’ Exhibition a few weeks ago.